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Gilbert's Story

Gilbert's Story

Thank you Salvation Army for saving my life! I drank and did drugs for 45 years; I'm 60 now. I was a wreck when I came into the Adult Rehabilitation Center. I talked to the staff there and they admitted me. This was the greatest and smartest decision I have ever made in my life.

The Salvation Army helped me by doing it one day at a time. They introduced me to God; that's what helped most with my recovery. Today I feel great and stronger than ever.

Every morning and night God is with me and helps me pray It's so relaxing having Him with you all the time! Now I have a purpose in my life, which I have found is to help others with their recovery. That feels great just knowing that I have helped others suffering from addiction and saved their lives.

Thanks again Salvation Army!

God Bless you all, Gilbert M.